SML Movie: Bowser Junior's Wings!

9 maí 2020
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Bowser Junior gets wings!
Thanks to Nicktendo for the animation!


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    • Hi

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    • superbowserlogan diff H TMI G fun Ruby

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    • Qwrr?

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    • superbowserlogan eff

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  • if i could fly i will fly to NYC

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  • hjkhjubyiuygjuyi aZ8YBKZ ASDG6YUHHIDSFDX;/DFG

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  • Bendy gets wings!

    jamielynn kisslingjamielynn kissling2 klukkustundum síðan
  • Bendy's Wings!

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  • like sml

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  • I love Karen

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  • 0:38

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  • jeffy hey mr santa claus F-U-N

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  • Buzz light year cost $10,000?

    Mr Baby yodaMr Baby yodaDegi Síðan síðan
  • I like Junior Joseph better than Cody because Cody said stupid little nerd and

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  • Bbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

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  • BT6

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  • I saw this video and it gave me a add and it says Red Bull gave you wiiings

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  • Red Bull gives you fart

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  • TO KFC duh

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  • Bowser is a idiot

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      roseann delcoureroseann delcoureDegi Síðan síðan
  • If I could fly i would fly to ur house and get it house payment

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  • What happens to juniors wings

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  • I have a question where was junior playing because if he was playing in his backyard how did he even find the girl and how did the girl got to his backyard

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  • Can you try makeing junier have winges for ever like Joseph

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  • 11:10 Joseph’s voice bruhhh

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    • Repeater it

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  • What the Fuck

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  • Hi

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  • Junior is bad sport

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  • why they talking about wings

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  • the beginning: When you see I cute girl Junior: man if it was a ps5

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  • i would fly to washington to see my dad but it probably would not happen my dad left to go get some milk if you know what i mean

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  • Red Bull 2:10

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  • This video has seen copyright 😂

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  • the lesson of the day cry and sit

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  • Junior: *gets wings* The music: Get. The. Fuck. Outside. Now.

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  • ALRIGHT Let’s fly I believe I can fly!!!!!

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  • heaven

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  • Stinky

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  • Those spicy wings look good 👀

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  • The girl isnt a gold digger she's a wing digger

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  • I would go to kfc

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  • I would fly to your house so I can meet Jeff

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  • Goofy Michael donde daisy miny

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  • To Russia

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  • I would fly to heaven to see all my family that is up there.

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    • Rip welp now you can see your family

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  • Anywere

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  • Hi

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  • At the end of trailer where were you fly where would you go and I'll just go to the prank I'll just go to the to the to the president and tell him to sue Mickey Mouse

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  • Jr doing this for a girl??!?!?

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  • If I could fly I would go to Mexico

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  • Disney world

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  • SML answer : Jeffy's a-hole

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  • If this change was permanent i would kill myself

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  • hidy goseeki?

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  • “ what am i going to do” Me eat the god dang wings

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  • So cool and me Scared of the thunder

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  • Idk

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  • chicken wings hahahs🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • so we gon ignore the fact that joesph str8 up commited murder

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  • Do another zombie Jeffy video

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  • P

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  • chicken wing chicken wing how byline

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  • If i fly will fly to DISNEY WORLD and the best part is DA MOOOOOOOOOOOOON!

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  • Hahaha 😝 was born at home 🏡 for a few years in eyeyye ruurururieir and his wife in

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  • Incase anyone doesn't know, someone actually filed a lawsuit against Red Bull for false advertising. All of this actually happened. Lol.

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  • Okay is your PB you stupid I know you stupid I know stupid stupid

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  • I miss the mkay

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  • If I could fiy I would go to god

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  • Good friendship and joseph is lovell and logan is jr

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  • Just like sid did

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  • but how did you fix Junior

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  • Wow

  • 7:02

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  • How does the storm get in the house?

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  • Can I pop shit

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  • Hey What's Up Junior Huge Fan

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  • I could fly you to Brazil

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  • I will fly to china

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  • Stop showing people

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  • This is sponsored by redbud ;-;

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  • Sml logic is stupid because when joseph gets his head cut off he dies but when Jr gets blown into pieces he is still alive

    Earl RuecaEarl Rueca10 dögum síðan
    • its funny -_- thats the point of sml to be funny not for learning or anything

      Mike MadasMike Madas9 dögum síðan
  • Y you can sue Disney but good man said to sue Pixar but Disney owns Pixar so junior sue Disney

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  • Loser

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  • She belongs to the birds

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  • Wiiings

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  • I have actually ben watching red bull commercials and its saying red bull gives you wiiings

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  • Junior is in pieces when he fly the rocket!

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  • Your mum

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  • If I had wings I would fly to disney world

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    • Xd

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  • The moon rip finally end myself

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