SML Movie: Zombie Jeffy!

28 okt 2020
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Jeffy turns into a zombie!

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    • SML IDEA: Bowser in Mario have an argument on who’s kid is harder to take care of, so they decide that Mario takes care of Junior while Bowser takes care of Jeffy. Like this comment so Logan will notice 🤩 (Also do not mistake this for the competition episode where Mario and bowser were trying to see who has the better son, that’s not what I’m talking about, I’m saying they should switch sons)

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  • Hi

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  • 9:21 spongebob jellyfish hunter reference

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  • Shrek: comes out the porta potty Shrek:SOME bOdY oNes tOlD mE 😂😂😂😂

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  • Kkkkkkkookkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkokkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkoklokkkkkkkk’k

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  • Jeffry deos now that there's sweat green beans

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  • If I could bring anyone back to life it would be my dead family members that I don't even know lol

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  • Can you make more Jeffy videos

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  • Rosalina: ewww that's so gross Mario

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  • So the cop was supposed to read the best ending of the last video in this video what happened there guys

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  • That falcons joke was fucked up


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  • HE a Zombie

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  • No who is built on Green Bean

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  • i like cody but he gay form doll XD

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  • Cody gay

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  • Instead of saying Atlanta falcons it would've been funnier if he said atlanta sports imo

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  • "SoMe bOdY OnCe tOlD mE"

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    • U was singing that in real life

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  • Mario:Eat Your Green beans Jeffy: No I don't want to eat green beans

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  • Hi

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  • Mario deserve that. He deserves to put his head on port a potty.

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  • I like green beans

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  • Jeffy

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  • THAT WAZ TO FUNNY LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • I was so scared when the phone call happend,😱😱😱

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  • he did the falcons dirty

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  • I would bring my grampa back to life because he died and I never got to meet him

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  • ikwmqn

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  • Hello Logan goodman son has AirPods Richard and I have AirPods all so

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  • Ummmmmm why jeffy

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  • Mario looks so ridiculous

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  • I would bring my Grandma rea She was the Sweetest grandma she died from cancer:(

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    • I'm sure that was hard on you, but stay positive!

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  • Juice WRLD that is who I would bring back to live

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  • But isn't jeffy worth $1000000

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  • Nice prank that'll teach Mario

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  • Joking about abercrombie and fitch is not okay Brooklyn Guy better not do that ever again it's not funny

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  • I'm sure what Mario meant by "we can always make another one" is well something lewd

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  • It's about time Mario gives up Jeffy will never it green beans

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  • Jeff when hi gots hold by nanny

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  • Mario is mine because he feeds jeffy green beans

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  • Mario is crying because he will not get the million dollars

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  • My mom said I can't watch you no more cause my mom said they cuss to much I will still be a fan love the contents

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  • Sml ideas pumkEN Cody gets sad because jr throw ken in a pumpkin and gets stuck and jr and his friends try to get him out Sml idea play time 7

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  • Brainnnnssssss🔥😂

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  • what about the arm

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  • Why

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  • He went pin me😭

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  • 14:16 SOMEBODY ONCE TOLD ME - oh hey donkey!

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  • The greenbean milkshake looks like a kiwi milkshake

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  • T guy: let’s get your arm sowed back on Me:wait WHAT THE FU-

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  • That's what you get Mario.

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  • Mario: Well jeffy if you're alive why did you do this to me? Jeffy: Because you always want me to green beans. I'll eat them you want to. J: 🙂😑What is your problem? So your wife said jeffy was being creative so jeffy didn't mean break things. he wanted a spongebob and he wants to eat a different and he green beans so what? Everybody loves jeffy just the way he is. Why can't you Mario? Mario:😥 J: Don't make the same mistake that jeffy did. He didn't know what he have until he lost it. Mario: 😔please. I want to hug jeffy and tell I'm sorry. Jeffy:😃 Mario and jeffy hug each other😊 Mario: I'm sorry jeffy for all these years I been forcing you to eat green beans. I need you to know that I love you. No matter what you what different foods you eat I'll be a good father.

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    • What the actual fuck

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  • This video is so pp

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  • Yup. that porta potty would teach Mario a lesson that he'll never forget.

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  • 3:07 Logan when he got his ads got taken away

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  • *shrek comes out the porta potty* Shrek: SOMEBODY WANTS TOLD ME

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    • once*

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  • I heard Jeffy whisper

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  • R.I.P Jeffy 1674-2020

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  • go do jeffy 74.99

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  • I don’t like when they 😂 wail talkivg

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  • Him:Falcons are choking Me: BOY WANNA GO AT IT

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  • If i can bring anybody back to life It would be my dad

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    • i feel bad for u

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  • 4:55 so true

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  • Hey sml can you guys do a blink reveal :,D

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  • Hey jeffy dust theas nutes

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  • Wait what about the check that jeffy had from his dead dad

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  • Mario's voice is so serious when he has the gun

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  • *woodpecker*

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  • Daddy I hate green beans

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  • Kill of fucking Mario

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