SML Movie: Junior's iPad!

13 mar 2021
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Junior receive's an iPad in the mail but it's not his!

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  • Ugly not

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  • Why Chef Pee Pee and Brooklyn Guy don't have legs?

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  • I want to see Junior with the pixelated glasses

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  • great vid

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  • That poor ipad

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  • Smosh

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  • video idea drunken

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  • >:( I live in ca

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  • He entered in it

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  • The dog contest

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  • lol

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  • I loooooooooooooooooooooooooove your videos

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  • Not me watching this on my iPad 😂

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  • Oliver 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • Darn it 😂

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  • Guess what, the box said for Oliver, and my names Oliver😂😂

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  • How do you accidentally deliver a package that’s supposed to go to California to Florida? ITS ACROSS THE COUNTRY! I know it’s for the purpose of the video, but like, how?

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  • The ipad got broken on the ground

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  • If junior didn't care about the fake Story why'd he care about Luke

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  • I would just keep the iPad and do a durability test on it. You know like if it is durable.

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  • 10:10

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  • Final memories

  • Love you guys

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  • so cool

  • they ruined jr

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  • I would keep it and set it up with my account and hide it from the pigs

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  • hi

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  • I laughed my ass off when I saw the I pad was obviously hit with a hammer 12 times😂😂

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  • Ghsihs

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  • Buy another one from the store

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  • #____#

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  • Give it to my mom so she gets in trouble I would say: Mom I got you a present And my mom would say Oh thanks And then she would take the package

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  • transphobia 😐

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  • Jesus loves you

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  • funi religious vid:

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  • Can you do the pokémon series again that was fun

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  • 0:00 Nam flashbacks to 2008 Smosh

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  • P

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  • AaaaI’m not gonna be found love you hands

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  • Cody always has to be the perfect kid and so worried about everything lol

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    • It still says joined 6 days ago

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  • 0:27 He sounds like a chicken.

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  • ipap play roblox

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  • Haha Oliver Closhoff

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  • I would sell it for money

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  • Corithians 4:15

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  • Cheff pee pee is werid becasue nobody in the world eats dounnuts nacked

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  • My name is Oliver

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  • I live in Florida and got the same iPad

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  • I won the contest which is goku kaioken

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  • 0:28 Chef pee sounds like a chicken

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  • I would give it to the right person, because I already have one

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  • Keep it

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  • Eating donuts with clothes on isn't unusual Chef pee pee is the weirdo not junior

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  • Zabuza

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  • them with an ipad pro: YAY Me: Dang i wis i had the same ipad 10 seconds later Me: Oh yeh i have the same ipad

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  • I have 1 of that

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  • I broke a pinky promise almost a million times

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  • im an Angry Birds fan. and im watching a SML Video that had Angry Birds in it. Logan is a Genius. God bless him.

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  • This is how many people Miss the plushy‘s 👇🏻

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  • is it the weird start I swear

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  • J:dude I smell pigs! Jr:the cops?! J:yeah the angry birds hate pigs and we hate pigs. Gorge and Peppa:why do you hate us?! Gorge and Peppa:(cries😥)

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  • Sml Movie: Jeffy becomes a couple with Scooter

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  • I saw xxxtentacion 4 minutes ago in a vid

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  • I like that characters are now regular humans

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  • #fnf

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  • #gravityfalls

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  • 9:16 chef pee pee

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  • 4:34 best part

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  • Bruh

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  • 2:38 didnt junior win a contest to punch in the faceathon

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  • Does it work I heard if u say the name u might get pinned does it work? SML. SML. SML

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    • heh...

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  • I’m keeping the iPad you high if you think I’m giving it back

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  • GGGGGGGGG❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

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  • i like jeffy

  • That is my name

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  • If you don’t get the joke with the name Oliver closhoff. It mean “all of her clothes off”.

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  • Hahahaha

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  • What was chef pp going to do with that donut? Wrong answers only.

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