SML Movie: Cody Meets Harry!

12 sep 2020
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Cody hates harry and proves he is smarter than him!

  • Go watch the behind the scenes:

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    • @Mickey Mouse butbutbutbut

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    • Cody gey

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  • Why did jeffy posses harry and joseph?

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  • 6:40 he’s got a point

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  • Brooklyn t guy

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  • Fuck cody

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  • My dad could have used that 1 year ago 😐😞

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  • i do not really like this one because i liked harry better than cody

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  • I love all but black yoshi my favorite

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  • Sml idea: Harry’s revenge Junior can’t help but think back to why Cody was scared of Harry’s invention. So he asks Harry what his was and tells him it was the cure for cancer. Junior agrees with Harry that Cody cheated. Harry invents a smart ray to make junior smart and both go against Cody.

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  • S

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    • Sssss

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    • Sss

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  • Cheating is good 😳

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  • Since Harry made a cure for cancer Cody should have mad a cure for Covid-19 to win

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  • The correct answer to that Calcurus probrem is f(0) = -4

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  • Cody is mean my uncle got cancer last year and if Harry invented the cure then cody just ruined my uncles life so screw cody

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  • Fun Fact: Cody's Ball Sayed TRUMPh

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  • Heyyy watch my new hit single song

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  • cody always susssss

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  • When they were nerd battling, who actually used a calculator to check if they were right lol

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  • harry was better

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  • SML IDEA : Cody Meets Harry #2 After Harry loses the nerd competition he gets very mad he walks in the closet and finds his old “Redo Button” on the floor so he rewinds the day and shows his invention first.

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  • Good luck Cody in the closet

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  • So Cody's mum is chilly: a cheating pig

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  • I'm just realizing that cody talking to Ken and dating Ken is a reference to stewie griffin and Rupert

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  • 2 moths later and Harry hasn’t came out the closet yet

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  • wow who knew how smart inventing a stupid ray would be:D I wish they gave harry a wand

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  • That's why

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  • The board is not calculus it’s pre algebra I think

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  • Harry or should I say Taco head you are way way uglier and you had said call Cody has four eyes and you have 4 eyes

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  • At least Harry is not gay

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  • My frovit sml character is jeffy and jr. Sheff peepe

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  • Fuck cody

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  • Fuck code

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  • Cody June Joseph

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  • Me too

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  • Harry is like not afraid of cody bc he is gay

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  • So cool

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  • Like for harry

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  • what about an invention for slant eyes lol

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  • WAP : Waffles and pancake WAP : Worship and prayers WAP : Work and paper WAP : Wet bum 🐱

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  • lol

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  • 😷😷😷😷

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  • Um I think Cody shot Joseph with the stupid ray..

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  • All those ideas a4re from harry potter

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  • Jeffy

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  • my favourite is the teacher

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  • My

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  • I am Jeff

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  • Can you make a day in life bof Cody ?

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  • I hate cody

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  • Cody. Sick. Ass

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  • fyugv0

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  • Team cody

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  • Bruh

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  • Hi❤

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  • Cody.if I make this I'm gay it goes in

  • Harry is kind of an idiot in the books

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  • How do you buy a Jeffy doll

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  • Wow

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  • i have a tik tok its blackliv05

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  • Jeffy

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  • cody have a bunk bed clound it be jujor bed but blue

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  • WYE

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  • You know you know you're not smart because you don't know nothing so yeah but so hairy back artist Junior and Jeffy bike

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  • Suggestion jonior the rapper

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  • $10000

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  • So you are calling Harry Potter a nerd? 🤣😂👍

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  • jeffy and junior

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  • 6

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  • Biggest need competition i thought Harry was gonna win

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  • You can beat Harry, Make a cute for COVID-19

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  • 9:35 Anyone Notice Joseph was Dancin

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  • Jeffy

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  • Jeff’s is my favorite

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    • Jeffy

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  • My ant would want the cure of cancer

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  • Young

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  • My favourite sml character is Jeffy

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  • reply for harry like for cody

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  • Video idea harry’s revenge. First day of 6th grade Harry’s out of the closet and than it how can make the best here and then harry makes a cashier for corona and Cody doesn’t know what to do so he makes he goes and cheats and then he’s a stupid rain but it doesn’t work and walked it and then coat Cody lost so then Cody‘s and in the car for six grade and hairy got the seat back and can you sub to my channel just click the picture right next to the comment please I really want some support

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  • This is the final appearance of Harry for now. He has been on hiatus until Bowser Jr’s Pokémon cards

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  • I like where the teacher says stop saysing blood hode

    Andi AntonioAndi Antonio4 dögum síðan
  • You shod of mad Cody have the cyur for the cough cough!

    Baby DBaby D4 dögum síðan
  • This class is a GCF (Greatest Common Factor) not a Calculus.

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  • i love harrys noooooooooo

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  • Li

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  • Cody:All the cool kids junior:ohh the cool kids is Cody

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  • Jeffys my favorite character cause I love fortnit

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  • only like this if your a fan of sml

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  • 5:05 Slytherin gang wya? 😌

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  • When my stomach hurts I watch them and I swear my stomach feels way better and it doesn’t hurt at all

    Liam WhitsonLiam Whitson4 dögum síðan
  • I hate trump you guys are lame

    Korey WorkmanKorey Workman4 dögum síðan
  • So joseph got shot first of the stupid Ray in and then when Harry got shot the stupid Ray and he went back to normal how come joseph didn’t

    Butter boy JeffyButter boy Jeffy4 dögum síðan
  • 1 like= one person who prefers cody over harry

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  • Stop the gay stuff no disrespect to the gays but little kids are watching this and your making it look ok to be gay

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  • Cody could've invited one thing cooler than the cure for cancer.the cure for corona virus

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