SML Movie: Bowser Junior's Prank Gone Wrong!

27 jún 2020
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Bowser Junior's prank goes wrong!
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  • SML Series Idea: The One-Timers Plot: It shows one-time characters like Chef Luigi, Dr. Wong, other GameStop Mr. Goodman, Chaz, Junior Junior, and Cody’s Sister. It will show these characters live in one big house and show their lives and what’s happened to them. It will also show the female doppelgängers of Bowser Junior (Bowsette) and Joseph (Josephine) and show Cody’s Sister, Bowsette, and Josephine as the main trio of the show. This will be a spin-off show. And it will also show other one-time characters like the Nanny, Steve, and Jeffy’s doppelgänger and others. Like so Logan can see.

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  • jeffy bake sale

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  • 1:35 very helpful 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • Junior nobody is gonna help you

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  • junior

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  • "i dont know the number for 911" Junior-2020

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  • When I heard Joseph's voice when he sucked in helium it reminded me of toad the old character- Anyone else remember him? No? Just me then

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  • Has

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  • Yeah now codes mom

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  • O_O

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  • the only thing i don't like about this particular video is the fact they take advantage of chef pee pee when he was deaf and also the fact jr. was making fun out of the deaf culture by saying that they r dead not deaf there is a difference my family is deaf so i take this by offense.

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  • i can beat junier

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  • ?

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  • 0:54 Uaaaaaagghh!!!!

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  • Okay

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  • Shut the fuck up chef pp with that screaming or I'll punch you in your face

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  • When I slid across a road on my legs and ripped my skin up

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  • 0:50 R.I.P headphone users and im uaing headphones so

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  • 1:02 Junior Pranks Chef Pee Pee And Beauregarde Ruby First Chef Pee Pee Can't Hear And Beauregarde Ruby Inflate Like A Blueberry Like A Huge Round Blue Ball

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  • Alan The

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  • The the most pain I’ve ever experienced is my eye being hit by a shovel that happened 5 mins ago

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  • Hi

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  • ew haha 223648846536

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  • I don't know the number for 911 either

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  • 5:50 when you knock skye in fortnite

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  • 8:37 Chef Pee Pee yelled Bowser's name very loudly

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  • Having half of my toenail bitten off by a snapping turtle. True story

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  • When my nose was bleeding on the airplane

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  • Bro that hurted my ears

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  • Can you do playtime part 7

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  • Sml idea:new vid meet a singer

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  • 3:35 & 3:50

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  • Wueh

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  • :me loking in the chæt pepole

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  • I don’t now the number for 911 omg

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  • Derek

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  • Why just why why are you so Asian guy

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  • Sml idea: the portal jeffy finds a portal and gose in the portal and she sese the furter where mario dies and jeffy finds a other portal and cryies to the portal and finds jr. and as soon as jeffy waves to jr jr gose to a other portal and then jeffy follows jr and jeffy finds jrs arm on the ground and then it ends with jeffy crying for mario.

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  • Chef pee pee cooked sooo good this time dum dum loli pops chicken nuggets with fries

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  • O

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  • 10:06

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  • 10:6

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  • 0:06 I like that when jr blows an air horn to Joseph and after that he says “I don’t have ears” do you feel like that was a way to seem like you didn’t hear anything?

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  • i don’t know the number for 911 so i called a doctor 911 number bingo

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  • " idont know the number to 911". Hahahahahahahaha

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  • Why did Logan stop using the human puppets

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  • 0:51 that hurt and it end at 0:54

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  • Hahahahaha they sound so funny with helium

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  • 8:37 the way he yelled Bowser was so hilarious

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  • Okay chef pee pee is dumb and stuipd I hate chef pee pee. F him

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  • Tf +++++

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  • It would have a little better to make sure the game would have a

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  • It would probably make you happy but it would make me a lot of trouble because you were in my car with the car in your truck I didn’t want you to go in there so I’m going out there with the truck so you know when you’re on my car so I’m not a fan of the truck and the car and the parking truck I don’t have any money in my truck I don’t have any car I need you I don’t know what I want you can I get you to do that and then I will get it for the car if I get to you and then I’ll go back and pick it up I have a couple things I can get it for the truck I have a car in

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    • It would probably make you happy but it

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  • Who would rather liked or or comment then watching the video

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  • Pez 48

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  • Cahltn

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  • I think he can’t hear because his hand over his ear almost the whole time

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  • 5 years ago I was little and somehow I got hit by a thing to carry dirty clothing

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  • chef pepe: BOSWER

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  • This is how many times Joseph said “It’s a doll dude” Through the channel. 👇

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  • Bro the end was priceless

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  • If the don’t have ear then how do they hear ppl talk?

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  • I don't know the number for 911 ._.

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  • This is me when I'm stuck with my older brother quarantine time 9:43 😫😤

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  • What happened to the sml movie?

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  • Ok if Joseph has no ears then how does he here junior

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  • Hi

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  • So if Joseph don’t have ears then how does he answer people

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  • How can they here

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  • my worst pain is when i woke up at 12 o clock in the night waking up my mom telling her i can't tal with a paper 500iq LOL 😂 then my mom asked my cousin to drive her to the doctor 😷 and then i sat in one place all day i ate in that place i sat in the same place for 4 days straight

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  • Idea: Mario meats Luigi

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  • I love how junior said he was going to eat in is room and then he doesent

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    • @Silvr Cello but chef pp was deaf so he couldn't hear him say that so he didnt lie

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    • 99o

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    • Theres a word called"lying"

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    • I don’t know what you’re talking about Jeremiah Washington

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    • @Fluttershy Equestria Girl who still watches mlp.

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  • Fuck jr

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  • My leg was cut open

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  • 0:00 junior theme 0:38 chef peepee theme 1:14 junior theme 2:23 chef peepee theme 2:46 bowser theme 2:59 chef peepee theme 3:05 mario theme 4:05 chef peepee theme 4:39 mario theme 5:29 chef peepee theme 5:56 mario theme 6:34 chef peepee theme 6:38 bowser theme 6:55 chef peepee theme 7:04 mario theme 8:28 surprising theme 8:38 bowser theme 9:14 mario theme 9:46 sml question

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  • Real sml question: if they don’t have ears, how can they hear? Don’t even say *iTs jUSt d0LlS*

    Mr CordellMr Cordell11 dögum síðan

      ZokuYTKingZokuYTKing10 dögum síðan
    • @elijah animations765 reptiles has these holes so they can hear

      Puffy The MenacePuffy The Menace11 dögum síðan
    • Maybe Junior can hear through his horns and Joseph can hear through his nose

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    • You know what I'm gonna say.

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  • Junior has ear holes which means he can hear better than humans

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  • 1:29 my name is doctor Wong what’s wong🤣🤣

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  • Sml answer:her leaving my on delivered😔

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  • 3:28 that’s what she said

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  • Sml idea:chef pee pees death

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  • I have a question for you if he doesn't have ears how does he here chef peepee and bowser and Joseph

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  • nobody: My ear for no reason: 0:50

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  • Idk the number to 911

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  • Then Jeffy do the disguise thing and jeffy's tantrum

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  • Chef Pee Pee is a snitch

    the London show starring London Barbie Noahthe London show starring London Barbie Noah12 dögum síðan
  • Hi

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  • Do 2x speed in 8:35 😂😂😂😂

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  • the was funny

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  • 8:37 BOWSERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Why are you stupid

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  • The only good part about this video 8:33 - 8:39

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  • 8:28 is funny

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  • Hey can you know

  • Chef PP

  • when your deaf you can't talk i mean in a while

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  • Look at his hand on 2:31😂

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